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Dual Piston Extrusion System

successfuly prints viscous materials without leakage from nozzle and cross-contamination during printing. Retractable printhead allows accurate dosing of the medium with an extruding resolution of 0.18 nanoliter per motor step.

Industrial grade materials

ensure longetivity and reliable operation. Devices are manufactured from airplane grade aluminium, engineering grade plastics, glass filled Nylon and POM.

Open system

places no limitations on auxiliary parts and materials, giving you the flexibility to tailor the setup to your desired application.
Dual syringe operational system is compatible with any standard 5 ml Luer lock syringe. Smart print-bed module accomodates a wide range of standardized containers, petri dishes and well plates.


interface and embedded print server make the printing process intuitive and easy. One-touch automated functions, ergonomic design, camera and WiFI/LAN allow for comfortable operation and progress monitoring.

Fully upgradable

hardware and software components ensure you always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and selectivly enhance the features of your preference.


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